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Rail vehicles batteries manufactured by GW Batterien GmbH

Top performance on the track

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We see ourselves as a reliable and high-performance provider as well as a problem solver regarding rail vehicle batteries..

With this specialisation and the extensive know-how of our GW team we are in a position to respond to your requirements quickly and in a targeted manner.

In addition to the traditional lead batteries and NiCd batteries, GW Batterien GmbH can also provide you with innovative lithium ion battery systems.

In addition to these battery systems we work on new developments to be able to fulfil new requirements for a very wide range of battery solutions on an ongoing basis. Further services relating to our battery systems round off our range of services.


Lead batteries

GW Batterien GmbH offers individual battery solutions for railway batteries, including corresponding accessories as well as service and logistics services.

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NiCd Batteries

We offer all established NiCd batteries. In addition to conventional batteries, we also offer individual battery solutions as well as accessories and servic

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Lithium ion batteries

Our high-performance lithium-ion batteries are suitable for both on-board power supply and diesel starting applications, as well as for intermediate energy

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New Development

The customer-specific new development and new construction of reliable battery solutions is an important service area of GW Batterien GmbH.

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Special technologies such as battery monitoring systems, universal chargers, significantly simplify care and maintenance of rail vehicle batteries.

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