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Services relating to GW Batterien

These additional services will convince you


In addition to our core competence in rail vehicle batteries and stationary battery systems we provide numerous services which improve and increase the performance and lifecycle of your battery systems.

When we recondition battery systems we get the most from your batteries for example by overhauling batteries already in use and making them operational again.

In Logistics and Maintenance, we store and check your systems if you do not require them at the moment. So you won’t get any nasty surprises when you use the temporarily not required battery at a later stage.

Our Leasing service enables you to cover peaks of demand in a cost-effective and transparent manner.

Logistics and maintenance

Our service for batteries not currently in use

If you do not need your battery system at the moment, we would be delighted to take over the logistics and maintenance for you. Our services in detail:

  • Receiving inspection and reconditioning of your battery  
  • Storage in accordance with the currently valid regulations
  • Regular checks and charging processes
  • If the battery is not retrieved after an extended storage period, the capacity is redetermined and the results are presented for a decision to be made.


Batteries when you need them, how you need them


Our leasing model offers you completely new concepts to ensure the operational readiness of your batteries. Particularly suitable for bridging bottlenecks, it offers optimum flexibility with maximum reliability.  

See the benefits of battery leasing for yourself:

Fixed planned figures
  • Monthly instalments
  • Directly deductible costs
  • No depreciations
  • Low capital commitment
Complete reliability
  • Supply reliability across the service life of the battery
  • No further costs
  • Optional full service for the battery system