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Reconditioning of battery systems

We make the most of your circumstances

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So that a train or a locomotive can operate reliably again, a completely new battery is not always required. On behalf of customers our highly-qualified team at GW Batterien checks and maintains used batteries or reconditions them in accordance with technical standards. This means you have fully-functioning batteries again with certified quality in no time at all and with little additional expense.

This is how it works

Just a few steps to a reconditioned battery

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  • You report a battery failure
  • We will arrange for a replacement battery to be provided within 24 hours
  • We pick up your defective battery or battery to be tested
  • We recondition your used battery
  • We deliver the refurbished battery to you or store it for you in our warehouse


Regenerate and repair

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  • High availability
  • Fast replacement delivery
  • Complete cost control
  • No own cost-intensive storage
  • Savings through reuse of tested components
  • Professional battery management
  • High quality
  • Full warranty


Partial and Full Reconditioning

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Partial ReconditioningFull Reconditioning
Electrical testing and visul inspection of the battery

Quality parameters of partial reconditioning with minimum capacity 85 % are not fulfilled or

Age and condition of the battery do not allow partial reconditioning or

Special order by the customer

Mechanical testing and levelling out of the battery parameters including thorough external cleaning
Charging and discharging cycles (required residual capacity 85 %; other limit values by arrangement)
Replacement of defective componentsincluding individual cellsReplacement of all battery cells with new cells
Reuse of removed and tested components of other reconditioned batteriesCleaning, testing and reuse of all other components, e.g. battery trays, connection terminals and cable connectors
Final test and record of findingsFinal test and release in case of complete corres- pondence with the parameters of a new battery