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Rubber pressed parts

Additional products not only for batteries


In addition to our battery systems, GW Batterien also offers you numerous special products that can make your daily work easier.

Our pressed rubber parts are such products. For example, they offer numerous advantages as step thresholds to replace metal grids. Whereas metal grids can bend and there is a risk of slipping in damp conditions, a rubber step threshold is stable and safe at all times.


  • Stepsills
  • Noise protection
  • Silent blocks
  • Mats
  • and much more

Overview of the hard rubber sill

Special development details


Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)600 x 135 x 175
Weight in kg14
Shore hardness70 - 80 (customizable)
MaterialRubber granules bound with PUR
More compact and sturdy than traditional metal and plastic parts,
Flexible to replace and use,
Quick and easy installation,
Individually adaptable to all conditions

Are you interested? We would be happy to advise you as to how you can use these batteries.  Come and have a chat with us!