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Stationary battery systems from GW

For a completely reliable power supply


At GW Batterien, we offer a full range of lead batteries for use in stationary battery systems. From traditional OPzS and OGI batteries through to modern sealed, maintenance-free batteries in GEL or AGM technology we have all the important systems you will ever need in our range.

Lead batteries

We offer the full range of lead-acid and NiCd batteries, charging technology, accessories, commissioning, disassembly and maintenance of of your equipment.


We offer stationary NiCd batteries in pocket plate, fiber structure or sintered foil technology. Long life for maximum battery availability.

Development & project

For stationary battery systems which match your requirements perfectly


GW Batterien plans and designs customised, stationary battery systems for you. Here we include all standard chemical systems in our planning to be able to offer you a perfect solution, alternatively also with a frame and accessories.

Upon request, we will happily plan your new battery system to be earthquake-proof. Thanks to our extensive storage facilites and fast delivery service your customised battery system will be delivered to you in a fully-assembled state as quickly as possible.

Logistics and maintenace of battery systems

Our service for batteries not currently in use


If you do not need your battery system at the moment, we would be delighted to take over the logistics and maintenance for you. Our services in detail:

  • Receiving inspection and reconditioning of your battery  
  • Storage in accordance with the currently valid regulations
  • Regular checks and charging processes
  • If the battery is not retrieved after an extended storage period, the capacity is redetermined and the results are presented for a decision to be made.