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GW Batterien GmbH is now a member of the Rail.S association

Since the end of September 2022, GW Batterien has been a member of the Rail.S association.

Rail.S is one of the largest railway technology clusters in Germany. The mission of Rail.S is to strengthen the railway industry and especially the medium-sized railway supply companies.

More than 100 members of the association from industry and science benefit from the unique network, such as representation of interests towards the public, politics and industry; but also, cross-industry innovation projects or access to international markets. Rail.S is also a signpost for sustainable and innovative mobility in Germany and Europe.

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Rail.S - Future Mobility


"Through our membership, we would like to contribute our know-how to the Rail.S network. The aim is to bundle common interests in the network, to generate new ideas, to open up new markets as well as projects in order to help Rail.S to become an even better mouthpiece in the rail sector",

is the statement of Managing Director Thomas Wieser.